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Summer Jobs
Title Summer Jobs
Categories Summer Jobs
Pay Rate $9.50-11/hr ($8.65/hr plus tips and season bonus)
Start Date 2017-05-01
End Date 2017-09-30
Location Keystone
Job Information

Are you looking for a great summer job? Teddy’s Deli in Keystone is a great place to start your search.

WHO: Teddy’s Deli is looking for several awesome people to join our summer staff. This is a great opportunity for students, and others looking for seasonal work. Specifically, we are looking for friendly, flexible, hard-working people who will catch the vision of our superior customer service and take pride in our excellent products. Food experience is helpful, but not necessary. Some of our brightest stars had never worked in food before. Our staff is known for being the nicest and most helpful around. Every employee is an ambassador of the Black Hills to our visitors from all over. Any single experience can make or break a visitor’s trip. We aim to be more than just a meal.

WHERE: We are an insanely busy sandwich shop in downtown Keystone. We need people who are flexible enough to learn all positions and work where needed and as directed. The majority of our work time is spent making the delicious food for which Teddy’s Deli is nationally known. Did you know our Reuben sandwich was featured in Food Network Magazine in 2012?

WHY: Work is work, and we can’t promise it will always be fun. But, we are a great place to work, for four key reasons:

  1. We are very selective in our hiring process. We hire great personalities and work ethic. We have often skipped over “more-qualified” applicants and hired those who are good additions to the team makeup. If you’re a team player and fun to be around, we’d love to have you! If you are draining to be around, or working with you is a soap opera, please don’t apply.
  2. You can take pride in the products you make and serve. We use top-of-the-line ingredients in our food and are careful to make every order something special. We consistently receive excellent ratings from online reviewers (go ahead and check!) and are one of the highest-rated restaurants in the Black Hills. Plus, we pride ourselves on top-notch health inspection scores. You will love telling your friends and family about us and bringing them to visit.
  3. You will have the chance to meet people from all over the world. And not just tourists, either. Each summer, hundreds of foreign students come to work in Keystone, bringing with them cultures from all over the world. We encourage our staff to get to know them, show them our culture and learn about theirs.
  4. Our starting wages are very competitive for the food service industry. In addition to a solid hourly wage, we offer a season-completion bonus. And, being awesome, we tend to get pretty decent tips in our jar. We put in a lot of hard work, but the reward is worth it.

WHAT: Starting wage at Teddy’s Deli is $8.65/hour plus tip share, with a bonus available for exceptional work ethic, attendance and attitude. Must be available to work through August 20th or later. Earlier end dates may be considered under exceptional circumstances, but this will be decided on a case-by-case basis. We also offer a generous employee discount on our delicious food. We start summer staffing in late April and ramp up through the end of June. You can reasonably expect to earn between $9.50 and $11/hour after tips and bonuses.

MISCELLANEA: Here are just a few items of note to consider when applying:

  1. We ask that second jobs be kept to a minimum. We can’t and won’t tell you not to get one, but we expect some flexibility in scheduling and for you to show up to work wide awake and full of energy.
  2. We are a tobacco-free workplace. Smokers may apply, but no smoke breaks will be given, and personal hygiene is very important to us. In other words, if you can make it through the workday without a nic-fit and don’t come to work stinky, you’ll be just fine.
  3. We are a zero-tolerance drug-free workplace. We reserve the right to test at any time.
  4. The employee parking area is a ten-minute walk from the store. Also, we’re on our feet all day long working with few breaks. If either of these sentences scare you or make you question whether or not you’ll be able to handle working for us, perhaps reconsider applying.
  5. We are more flexible on start dates than end dates, and we ask that you take vacations before you start. Time off is possible, but needs to be requested in advance, preferably at the beginning of summer. All shifts must be covered, which leads us to…
  6. We don’t overstaff. We hire enough employees to get the work done, and no more. As a result, attendance is of paramount importance. To put it softly, it highly sucks for everybody else if someone is late or absent. The slack has to be picked up, whether everybody’s there or not. There is no faster way to lose your job than to be late or miss work frequently. On the bright side, without extra staff, everybody can generally get the amount of hours they want.
  7. Speaking of hours, overtime is not generally planned, but it happens sometimes. Thanks for understanding.

So, after all that, are you the awesome person for whom we’re looking? Drop us a line and let us know!

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